We Maximize Your Hail or Wind Damage Claim

  • Property inspection and data collection
  • Complete insurance policy review
  • Property damage assessment
  • Personal property inventory and assessment
  • Complete all required insurance claim paperwork
  • Negotiate the settlement with the insurance company
  • Defend your property loss the insurance company
  • Argue your case to reach the  max settlement

Take the Stress out of the Insurance Claims Process


Both severe winds and hail have the potential to cause significant damage to properties, not only exterior damage, but interior damage as well. These conditions can wear away the protective layers of the roofing system and begin to allow rain waters to enter the structure, compromising the interior.


Everything from insulation, drywall and paint damage may be visible, yet there may also be damage behind the walls causing potential risks to the electrical, plumbing, and other mechanical services. At The Adjuster Group, we have a multitude of expertise and experience in the construction industry to evaluate and assess the extent of the damages and the costs to repair.


When dealing with the complexity and challenges of a hail or wind damage claim, the insurance company has all the control. By enlisting the services of a licensed public adjuster, you level the playing field. We represent you to ensure you’re treated fairly and receive the maximum amount on your claim. We look out and work for YOU.


Insurance policies are complex legal contracts that are seldom read and less often understood. Many people assume the insurance company is always acting in their best interests. But remember they are a for-profit corporation looking to minimize their expenses, and a hail or wind damage claim is an expense. We help you understand your policy and what options are available so you don’t get shortchanged. Going it alone will likely result in:

  • A mistake in the claim filing process that will delay or at worst cause the claim to be denied
  • Money left on the table that a licensed public adjuster could have recovered


Be Careful

Hail damage can severely damage a roof or other parts of the property. Often, the insurance company will want to pay as little as possible to fix any issues, so recovering your financial loss can be a challenge if you don’t have a public adjuster on your side.

Be Thorough

Tornados often give little warning before striking. They can quickly barrel through an area in just a few minutes and leave a mess of destruction. Policyholders are often left confused and shocked, but we can help take care of you and your insurance claim after such a disaster.

Keep it Simple

High wind-storms can cause a wide range of damage, such as debris flying onto your property, ripped off shingles and siding, fallen trees and even sections of your property lifted loose from the foundation.

Call The Adjuster Group

Massive storms sweep across the country every year, resulting in property loss. Anyone can be affected by storms, so it’s important to know that you have the option to hire a public adjuster to help you with any property loss insurance claims.