We Maximize Your Fire or Smoke Damage Claim

  • Property inspection and data collection
  • Complete insurance policy review
  • Property damage assessment
  • Personal property inventory and assessment
  • Complete all required insurance claim paperwork
  • Negotiate the settlement with the insurance company
  • Defend your property loss the insurance company
  • Argue your case to reach the  max settlement

Take the Stress out of the Insurance Claims Process 


After a fire there are many things that you need to do. We are here to help you. Even if you’ve gone through the insurance process for a small claim a large claim can be much more difficult and many things can get missed. Your insurance claims adjuster will help you maximize your claim settlement and get back in your property sooner.


Working with an insurance adjuster with years of experience maximizes your claim and simplifies the difficult claims process to reach the FULL CLAIM OWED to you by your insurance company. Your insurance adjuster will:

  • completely inspect your property and record evidence
  • determine what parts of the property can be repaired and which areas will need to be replaced
  • calculate the repair or replacement values of all of your personal property that was damaged


Smoke and fire damage claims are very complex giving the insurance company the upper hand. Your insurance adjuster represents you not the insurance company and we understand insurance claims.


Insurance policies are complex legal contracts that are seldom read and less often understood. Many people assume the insurance company is always acting in their best interests. But remember they are a for-profit corporation looking to minimize their expenses, and a fire and smoke damage claim is an expense. We help you understand your policy and what options are available so you don’t get shortchanged. Going it alone will likely result in:

  • A mistake in the claim filing process that will delay or at worst cause the claim to be denied
  • Money left on the table that a licensed public adjuster could have recovered


The Details Matter

Fire damage can destroy evidence which may cause insurance companies to deny your claim. Your insurance adjuster can help you with your claim, even if it’s been denied by your insurance company.

Smoke Damage

The damage caused by the smoke can be just as bad as the actual fire. The smoke can ruin furniture, clothes, drapes, carpets and much more in rooms connected to the room with fire.

Hidden Dangers

Fire damage can cause smoke, soot and corrosive toxic chemicals and extreme heat-pressure that can cause extensive unseen damage and structural damage. If you must enter your property be very careful.

Call The Adjuster Group

Fire damage and smoke damage can destroy an entire property. An insurance adjuster will help you expedite and maximize the insurance claims process, so you can get back to your life faster.