We Maximize Your Accident Claim

  • Property inspection and data collection
  • Complete insurance policy review
  • Property damage assessment
  • Personal property inventory and assessment
  • Complete all required insurance claim paperwork
  • Negotiate the settlement with the insurance company
  • Defend your property loss the insurance company
  • Argue your case to reach the  max settlement

Take the Stress out of the Appraisal Process


If you pay over $100,000 for a vehicle, you need to protect your investment. Simply because your car is worth more than most does not mean that you should be more willing to leave dollars on the table in negotiations about its value. Let our experience evaluating luxury autos and exotic super-cars work for you.


Don’t wait until something happens to get a car appraisal from a certified professional vehicle appraiser. It is important to have the independent documentation of the current condition and value of your collectible auto that a classic auto inspection provides when obtaining insurance.


When dealing with the complexity and challenges of a vehicle accident claim, the insurance company has all the control. By enlisting the services of a licensed public adjuster, you level the playing field. We represent you to ensure you’re treated fairly and receive the maximum amount on your claim. We look out and work for YOU.


Insurance policies are complex legal contracts that are seldom read and less often understood. Many people assume the insurance company is always acting in their best interests. But remember they are a for-profit corporation looking to minimize their expenses, and a vehicle accident claim is an expense. We help you understand your policy and what options are available so you don’t get shortchanged. Going it alone will likely result in:

  • A mistake in the claim filing process that will delay or at worst cause the claim to be denied
  • Money left on the table that a licensed public adjuster could have recovered


Be Careful

Not only is independent documentation important to secure coverage from your insurance company, but it becomes even more critical when you may have to deal with another driver’s insurer during a diminished value claim.

Be Thorough

Many times insurance companies will reward their adjusters based on minimizing settlements. When a demand for diminished value is made, insurance companies may deny diminished value has happened.

Keep it Simple

If you’ve been in an accident, contact the police immediately. Car accidents must be on the police report. Contact the responding police department to obtain the report of any accident.

Call The Adjuster Group

Accidents happen to good drivers. But if you’re involved in an accident, we can help alleviate the stress by handling your insurance claim